Corbin adams

Born and raised in Chicago's Low End (literally born in Michael Reese), is the founder of 900 Media and host of  The Low End Podcast. Joined the family business fresh out of undergrad and decided to do something for the people.

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Cori dyer

The no-nonsense Shea Butter Queen, Cori Dyer is a native suburbanite of Cincy but she claims D.C. (yeah, okay), is the Co-Host of the Low End Podcast. Follow her here.


Jason jones

The gregarious and quirky Jason Jones is a photographer and owner of LakeShore Photos. He serves as a Creative Director for 900 Media.


Matias Manriquez

Matias is VP of Marketing and Analytics. His background in advertising operations and journalism, provides valuable insight. He curates a blog called Tasty Beets, in which he provides reviews music with culinary wordplay.